“What data tell us? Real time matters”: iCity Project in BDigital Apps 2014

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iCity Project was present in the last edition of the BDigital Apps 2014, Call for Mobile Trends, that was held the 11th of November in Cosmocaixa Barcelona, during the session “What data tell us? Real time matters”. iCity Project was selected to participate as an example of an interesting project that works with data to provide services and opening up business opportunities.

Jordi Cirera, iCity Project coordinator, spoke about the European nature of the project, its challenges, goals and results and how the international technological platform, the iCity Platform, allows an easy and secure access to the Information Systems of a network of European cities. 

This session was focused on the issue that the real-time analysis of large volumes of information means new challenges, such as giving meaning to these data and allowing developers to build interesting applications based on the information. It also showed new business models inspired by this new situation that could revolutionise the market. In conjunction with iCity Project, other speakers from other companies and projects were also selected to take part in this session: Juan Manuel Robles, Director of Cloud Solutions of Arsys; Ricard Borràs, Product designer and developer of Counterest and Gerard Peiró, Managing Director of PUSH Technologies.

Robles spoke about big data platforms within everyone’s reach; Borràs, about online data on offline visits and Gerard Peiró, on how to develop a multi-channel Mobile communication and messaging strategy based on real time-data. This session was moderated by Mr Carles Fradera, General Manager in Barcelona Digital Technology Centre.

BDigital Apps is the conference specialised in the latest trends, strategies and mobile applications of the mobility sector. It aims to promote a sector that currently generates a large volume of business and has good prospects for growth in the years to come. This edition showed innovative and disruptive technologies in the fields of: sports, data in real time, retail, ecommerce, loyalty strategies, etc.

The conference is attended by entrepreneurs and app developers, ICT and non-ICT companies that are already working on mobile solutions to include new sales channels and create new business models, ICT companies that are not yet working in the sector, but are interesting in learning more about the business opportunities it holds, mobile device platforms, operators and manufacturers, large companies from the banking, health, retail, lifestyle, e-Health and public administration sectors, large companies from the banking, health, retail, lifestyle, e-Health and public administration sectors.

It is one of the most important congresses in the mobile application sector in Spain, a space for discussion that brings together the most innovative experts in the mobile sector at the moment and it is a meeting point for learning about the latest trends and for gathering information about what is new in the sector, featuring tools, solutions and success stories that are already on the market.

View the speech video at the BDigital apps 2014