Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, has been in the 2nd edition of the EU CORE NET CITIES in Genoa.

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Today finishes the  international 2nd edition of the EU Core Net Cities 2014 event that started yesterday in Genoa at Centro Congressi Magazzini del Cotone (sala levante-ponente) coinciding, in this month of June, with the eve of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The second congress of the network EuCoreNetCities, founded in Barcelona last year, which has among its objectives to link the issue of large infrastructure nodes, the European corridors, of the trans-European transport networks, but also of infrastructure "assets "(ICT), with economic development. All of combining sustainability, smart city and quality of life.

Opened the proceedings by the Mayor Marco Doria, who stressed that the city concentrated contradictions and difficulties, are also the places where they are collected by the challenges posed by international context. "The major European corridors are a topic that should be of interest to the European Union - said Doria - but also national governments, whose role relates not only to the rules must be consistent and common, but also to significant investments from the point of view financial investments that are much more needed in this time of economic downturn. "

"The fundamental objective for the 45 cities in the network - said the Councillor for Economic Development Francesco Oddone - is a team beyond national borders, to be able to 'leverage' and, together, get European funding needed to improve the network infrastructures, both physical and virtual, that allow connections between metropolitan areas. Important for Genoa corridor 24 to Rotterdam and the upgrading of the railway coast to France and Spain. "