Bologna's Information Systems

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The information systems to be integrated in the iCity platform by the City of Bologna are mainly related with the Town’s mobility management system and public transportation services.

Here is the current list:

  • The “CISIUM – Metropolitan traffic” service provides the measurement of traffic on the main metropolitan streets. Data are sampled every 5 minutes.
  • The “CISIUM – Parking” service provides the list of available parking areas and current number of free parking spots.
  • The “CISIUM – Events” service provides the list of events, such as accidents and workings, that may have an impact on mobility.
  • The “QueryResale” service provides the list of resellers of bus tickets allocated in the nearby of a specific bus stop.
  • The “TPER — QueryHellobus” service is the City’s public transportation arrival time information management system.

Moreover, Public Transportation Open Data will be used, providing several different kinds of information such as:

  • TPER Spa – Archi” - Geographical representation of bus lines paths.
  • “TPER Spa - Linee” - Full list of available bus lines in town.
  • “TPER Spa – Linee/Fermate” - Full list of bus stops for each bus line.
  • “TPER Spa – Linee/Percorsi” - Technical information on bus line paths, including covered areas, directions, etc.
  • “TPER Spa-Localita/Zone” - Mapping of covered areas and related encoding.
  • “TPER Spa – Zone” - Technical information related to covered areas, including area type, encoding, etc.