Citilab hosts the iCity third consortium meeting

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Citilab hosts on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December the third meeting of the European consortium iCity-Linked Open Apps Ecosystem to Open up Innovation in Smart Cities.

This is an internal meeting to evaluate the project in its first year of activity. The program of the conference is divided into different work packages assigned to project participants: representatives of the cities of Barcelona, Genova, Bologna and London alongside a group of European companies and institutions: Abertis, Cisco, Fraunhofer Fokus, the Univesitat Oberta de Catalunya and Citilab itself. You will find more information and a form to join the group of interest in the project's website.

The conference will discuss co-creation and co-design laboratories, the architecture and technology of iCity platform, how to integrate the needs of each city involved in the project and the infrastructure that they can provide for the effective deployment of the project.


The iCity project encourages the participation of developers and companies to develop public interest services for the new urban spaces of smart cities. In this framework, the cities will open a number of public infrastructures closed to this date for their use on the iCity platform. The iCity project facilitates and creates an ecosystem in which different creative actors (developers, small and medium enterprises, searching ...) existing in the cities work together to develop, from this platform, new services that the cities can offer to their citizens.

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