Contributing for a better mobility at the Smart City Expo World Congress

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On November 19th, we presented a paper at the Smart City Expo World Congress, in the track M058: Mobility as a Service. This paper is about the proof of concept that the iCity Project and SEAT have been developed jointly with Barcelona and Reus. In this PoC we have used the iCity Platform’s facilities in order to provide real time data on street parking.

SEAT has developed a prototype mobile phone APP based on MirrorLink Technology. This technology allows the driver to use the App in the mobile phone integrated with the navigation system of the car in an easy and safe way. This App receives information about where the free spots are, providing assistance to the driver in the activity that is considered most annoying when somebody drives a car in a city, parking.

When talking about offering new services to the drivers that require real-time data only each city has, the existence of a platform as iCity, is absolutely essential. A neutral broker providing information from different cities and in different formats is a must. This information should be available on a single endpoint and in a single format that allows developers to abstract these new services off the particularities of each city. The drivers want to see information as a single data set, which like the country they circulate, knows no municipal boundaries.