iCity Project bets for electric cars

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Barcelona City Council drove a promising potential collaboration and platform use case with the electrical vehicles’ industry. In Barcelona the electric vehicles are now being introduced on the market and therefore the City Council is working on developing the charging stations network. The city has already 269 charging stations already implemented in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and plans are running to extend the network offering better coverage and therefore better service supply.  In this context Barcelona City Council has started discussions with the electric vehicles market players to explore possible opportunities to get all the charging stations connected through a broker, thus getting a better management of the data provided by the charging stations and allowing offering of further and better services to citizens. In this aspect iCity Project was seen as an important component, able to play an important enabling role to make happening the brokerage of the data provided by the charging stations.

On 8th of October the representatives of Barcelona City Council and representatives from Endesa, GasNatural, Seat, BSM, Acció, Evectra, RACC, GTD, Circutor and Urbaser had the opportunity to discuss about the possibility of connecting the data provided by the charging stations through iCity with the purpose of having a more secure and improved management of the data provided by the charging stations through the different providers that are already collaborating with Barcelona City Council.
Potential scenarios for the data connection through the iCity platform have been pondered and further meetings were scheduled to continue with this work. In this sense Seat already formalized their interest by signing the interest letter with iCity Project. Other players are expected to formalize similar commitments soon.