iCity project presented at Barcelona The Lab the plenary meeting

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The iCity project was presented during the last Barcelona the Lab plenary meeting, celebrated on the 17th of October in the city of Barcelona. The iCity purpose participating on the meeting was to introduce the project to the audience, make official its incorporation to forthcoming Barcelona the Lab meetings and its intention to collaborate with this new and ambitious project.

Barcelona The Lab is a first meeting between the City of Barcelona, universities, companies and grassroots organizations to start an open living lab in the city. Its first action will be an event called “Barcelona The Lab”, scheduled for the 30th of November and the 1st of December, which final program is still being discussed.

Those present in the meeting were representatives from grassroots organizations of different type, scratch, fablabs, arduins, wikipedians, universities like UPC, UPF, ESADE companies, mainly SMEs but also large ones, entrepreneurs, artists, and institutions such as the regional government, other local governments and living labs from the Barcelona metropolitan area like Citilab, Neapolis and Tecnocampus Mataró.

The meeting celebrated on the 17th,and is the third since last June. The participants willing to become part of this new ecosystem are growing meeting by meeting. The organizers prospects were to involve at least 120 different representatives of all the above-mentioned different fields and there are already 80. These are organized in different commissions and working accordingly.

The Department of Culture, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation of the City of Barcelona and the i2cat Foundation are leading the process that is quite open and inclusive trying to reach as many members as possible.

The iCity project will be a valuable resource for Barcelona the Lab and will benefit of the new ecosystem and communities flourishing on it.

The Barcelona the Lab meeting covers three main areas: "Opening", "Sharing" and "Building". The first one is based in the open introduction of all the communities and its projects already working in the city. The second will be dedicated to sharing these projects and starting new ones. The third part will be to launch the Barcelona Laboratory as a new kind of partnership in the city or 4P, people, public, private partnership. So far living labs have been organized at small scale, now Barcelona the Lab is willing to explore how to scale the experiment to a bigger size.

The meetings are being held on Fabra i Coats, a former private industrial complex acquired by the city of Barcelona. Fabra i Coats opened partially as an exhibition space to general public last September and will be one of the main creative spaces of the city of Barcelona.