iCity Project spread its word in the Bolognese Spaghetti Opendata meeting

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iCity Project was present at the Spaghetti Opendata Community meeting, held on 28th March in Bologna with a workshop. It has been one of the most important events related to the iCity engagement strategy in the Italian city.

During the National Meeting of the Spaghetti Opendata Community, from 27th to 29th of March, a workshop focused on the presentation of the iCity Platform took place the 28th of March in Bologna Auditorium (Viale Aldo Mori), with 182 people attending, coming from the whole Italian territory. Attendance mainly consisted of app developers, start-uppers, data journalists and other stakeholders belonging to the smart and social innovation area of interest. Some of the attending people already knew iCity Project by having participated in other project events. Furthermore, for most of them, the project was announced for first time, and they have been included in the potential contributors list for the iCity Platform app store.


The workshop dealt on how to increase the collaboration between citizens and Public Administration and the practice of e-Government, trying to answer questions such as what kind of data should be opened and which could be the impact of this.

Spaghetti Opendata is an Italian Community which has the main goal to promote the release of public data in an opened format, in order to make it easier for everybody to access and reuse them. The mission of this group of people is to increase the space for collaboration between citizens and Public Administration, thus making it possible to create a sharing experience extended to all the local community social actors.