IV Campus Party in Quito: The future of Internet

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From 17th to 20th of September it was held in Quito (Ecuador), the IV Campus Party. On Friday, Marc Garriga, from the iCity Project engagement team was there to present iCity, their features, goals and to encourage young people to join the Project.

Campus Party is the largest event in the world in the areas of innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment. Since 1997, Campus Party has brought together thousands of young people passionate about technology to collaborate, learn and promote knowledge and innovation.

In the past 18 years, more than 160,000 “campuseros” have participated in thirty five Campus Party held in seven Latin American countries, Spain and Europe. Currently they have annual events in São Paulo, Spain, Bogotá, Mexico DF, Quito and have a presence in 8 countries.

Some of the contents of this Edition were the outstanding views a video of Julian Assange from Ecuador Embassy in London, Cordero conference from Europa Report, Ramiro Torres XBOX One designer conference, among others.

About 3.000 “campuseros” were attending the event. This highlights the importance of an international meeting that brings together young people who will shape the future of Internet.

View the event video presentation here.