Join the iCity Camp 2014 event & don't miss the iCity Contest!

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Save the date! iCity Camp will be held on friday, 14 Novembrer, from 8:30 to 17:00, in Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona) and saturday, 15 November, from 10:00 to 17:00, in Citilab Cornellà de Llobregat. These are going to be two days of talks, discussion, networking, ideas and the iCity App Contest around iCity Project.

Now anyone interested in new applications for smart cities can join the iCity Camp and specially, the iCity Contest that will begin during this event. The participation period starts the 15th of November, coinciding with the celebration of the iCity Camp 2014.

The first phase of the competition is dedicated to get and evaluate the best app proposals. The aim of the second phase of the contest is to encourage the development of applications. The awards will be published in the iCity Project website and the best iCity ideas and app award ceremony will be celebrated the 30th of January of 2015.

This contest aims to encourage the creation of applications that provide public interest services using the iCity API, which provides access to information systems (citizenship, mobility and environment) to open time for several private and public partners. The competition is opened to any SMEs, team of developers, designers, scientists, citizens, etc. who want to present an app proposal and develop an application in this context. Registration for the competition through the iCity Platform is a free process and opened to any developer or company.

The iCity Project provides a Developers portal, where participants can solve their doubts during the development stages. The participation and rules (registration calendar, rules, criteria and contest prizes, etc.) of the contest are described here.


●        Participants can register their proposed applications to the iCity platform from the 15th of November of 2014.  

●        The last day to submit the app proposals is the 20th of November of 2014.

●        Participants will receive a first exchange of assessments by the jury of their proposals and prototypes of applications the 5th of December of 2014.

●        There is a second exchange of assessments demonstration of operational applications the 19th of December of 2014.

●        The last day for publishing participant’s applications in the App Gallery of iCity and App Store is the 15th of January of 2015. All applications published until that date will be considered for the iCity Contest awards.

●        The 23th of January 2015 the jury will meet to evaluate the apps and publish the winners’ names.

●        This opens a one-week period for members of the iCity Group of interest. They can vote for the best application.

●        The iCity Contest Awards ceremony will be celebrated the 30th of January of 2015.


iCity Project will award the best App proposals and the best iCity App for each area, Citizenship, Mobility and Environment:

Best App proposal prizes:

First prize: 500 €

Second prize: 250 €

And the Best iCity App prizes:

First Prize: 3.000 €

Second Prize: 1.500 €

Third Prize: 750 €

The iCity Contest presentation will be held during the iCity Camp (14th and 15th November) at the Convent of St. Augustí (Barcelona) and at the Citilab (Cornellà de Llobregat). The iCity Camp opens to the Competition period to use the developer’s portal iCity. Best applications will be nominated as finalists. Participants and jury will both vote for the best finalists to choose three awarded applications among them.

The iCity Contest is proposed under the iCity Project, led by Barcelona’s City Council’s Institut Municipal d’Informàtica (IMI) and developed by the above mentioned organization in conjunction with the European consortium of the iCity Project. The awards are courtesy of: CISCO.

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