Press Release - November 2013 (EN)

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Barcelona, Bologna, Genova and London lead the first platform for accessing public infrastructures.

As part of the Smart City Congress recently held in Barcelona iCity has been presented, a project that has just launched an unprecedented platform which provides access to public infrastructures to develop applications and services of public interest. Under the umbrella of the iCity project, the cities of Barcelona, Bolonga, Genova and London are working together for the co-creation of public interest services. This initiative could be extended to more cities.

This platform represents a new boost to the economy of applications and becomes a business opportunity through the use of infrastructures in the cities, for developers, companies and entrepreneurs as well. They will have the opportunity to create, implement, operate and exploit services based on the use of available public information and its digital assets. The model of iCity is designed so that developers and companies have solved the most technological barriers, with a platform that stands out as homogenizing, transparent and innovative. From the commercial point of view, there are some unique circumstances to reach new markets, particularly in Europe. By extension, it will benefit of various communication and dissemination activities of the project and in the cities.

Currently some sensors are already operating (sonometers, cameras flow of people, public transport...) and soon there will be some applications available related to parking, levels of pollution and sound, containers, and so on. This project is a forward step for cities and their citizens.

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