Successful 3rd project review of iCity Project

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Announcing a 2015 with new opportunities and achievements

Last 17th of November 2014 iCity Project successfully passed the 3rd project review with the European Commission this ensuring the continuity of the project up to the project end date, 30th of September 2015.

The Consortium already is planning the last year of project activity and main tasks to be achieved in order to accomplish with the objectives ensuring a successful final stretch of the project.

Therefore, the project already planned to open other 19 information systems from Bologna (IT), Lamia (GR), London (UK), Genova (IT), Barcelona (ES) in order to offer a better data environment for the development of strategic apps for smart cities and smart citizens. Moreover the project is on the way to shape a new use of the iCity Platform as a data broker through connecting the data of the electric vehicles and charge stations. The potential use of iCity Platform as a broker for Electrical Vehicle Industry could revolutionize the mobility inside the cities facilitating a range of services for public use and creating new business opportunities.

2015 will be an important year for the project not only because is the final year of the project but because iCity Project potentially will develop some other business opportunities that weren’t envisaged in the beginning of the project.

Stay tuned with iCity Project!