Eurocities Workshop Tallinn 2014

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On 12th of June, Tallinn, hosts the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum event. Marc Garriga and Sergi Amigó, from the iCity Project engagement team and Alejandro Sala, in charge of the iCity platform overall integration and technical testing speaks about the iCity Project. They focus their presentation in the already operative platform and its specifications: security, orchestration and global features. The iCity platform is considered as an innovative platform because it allows not only reading city data but also interacting with its IT systems. That is what makes it different, pioneer and attractive, especially for their users: developers and infrastructure providers.

The participation of the iCity Project in EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum is focused on presenting the platform and encouraging cities to integrate iCity into their city architecture to offer better IT system management and quality of results. In this sense a Smart Cities Platforms workshop has been envisaged where iCity Project and CitySDK Project introduces the solutions developed in the area of Platforms for Smart Cities.

iCity also presents an application which has already been developed using iCity. It is called Suggestions and Complaints, and it permits the interaction between citizens and cities. Taking advantage of iCity platform features, this application can be instantly implemented in all cities that have linked their Suggestions and Complaints systems to iCity Platform, such as Barcelona (Spain), where it has been tested, and Lamia (Greece).

The aim of the workshop is to break the barriers and push the adoption of the smart platforms inside the cities as a solution for efficient and secure interaction between cities information.

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 08:00