Hackathon for citizens in Barcelona

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Apps4citizens and Hacks/Hackers Barcelona are organizing their first hackathon together the next 19th of June at the Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm in Barcelona. Is an special meeting were not only developers are invited to create a new app for the city but also, there is room too for journalists, creatives, designers and everyone who has an idea that can help to improve the quality of the city life.

In this first meeting organized by apps4citizens and Hacks/Hackers Barcelona there are two main activities, the Hackapp from 9 am to 6 pm and the Festivalapp from 9pm to 10:30pm.

The Hackapp

The hackathon aims to explore the way citizenship is able to report data related with themes influencing the quality of the city life such as noise, light, pollution or quality of water. But there is a second challenge, to figure out what kind of data could be susceptible to journalists’ treatment. The winner mobile tool prototype should be original, feasible and usage of course but also combine the participation of citizens and an inspiring journalistic base.

The hackathon welcomes many different profiles, designers, programmers or journalists who will make teams to develop their prototyp and compite for the two winner prizes: 3.000€ for the first position and 2.000€ for the second one. Those who can not program technological devices are allowed to use Gather, which is a platform to create apps, the iCity Platform will be also available for developers and the participants will count on the guidance of mentors and experts. The participation in the session is free, through online registration.

The Festivalapp

The second event of the meeting is dedicated to share experiences, offer elements for inspiration of new ideas and synergies. There will be brief-dynamic lectures and presentations. The three finalists of the hackapp will present their apps and at 8:45pm the jury will announce the two winning projects throughout the awards’ ceremony.
Finally the festival ends with the performance of DJ Carole and Dj Dulítel. The entrance to this activity is also free but registration is required.