ICITY - CPEXPO & SRC 2014 SECURITY RESEARCH CONFERENCE 09 -10 -11 dicember City of Genoa

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ICITY project was strongly promoted by the City of Genoa at CPExpo – “Expo conference on security aspects” hosted in Genoa at “Porto Antico—Palazzo dei Congressi”.

The event was one of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. More than 700 participants from 21 countries joined for full three days of workshops, seminars, demonstrative sessions on security matters and fields of applications. Best practice and lesson learnt, new synergies for future projects and the new frontier of security has been presented and discussed among  the participants.

In the Municipality’s stand there were competent people showing to all the attendees the benefits related to the projects, leaflets, posters, website and a self running presentation of iCity  project.

iCity has been also presented during  the “Roundtable on Security of soft target” on December 11th, where the main players were the University of Genoa, SELEX-ES and the Arma Carabinieri dello Stato. More than 50 people joined the workshop  tio share their vision and expertise, with several instances of people’s vulnerabilities in regard to the security aspects of services and, data processing