iCity Project has been presented on the Smart Congress 2014

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On the 3th and 4rth of April, the Smart Congress 2014 event took place in Sabadell, where Marc Garriga, iCity Project engagement leader, spoke about the project in the Speakers Corner. He explained which values and internal structures do the members of the project use, and, at the same time, he defined the reason why of the project and the benefits of becoming a new member as a city, developer or infrastructure owner. Engaging in that event also helped the project to expand its influences and to get to new locations. The ultimate goal is helping to build and provide public services to the annexed cities at the project.

Raul González, iCity Project, Business Model leader, presented the benefits and possibilities cities can have if they decide being a smart city, what this represents and which are the benefits for citizens and companies.

These edition priority topics were energy efficiency, as one of the main objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy of the European Commission, digital citizenship, looking for new channels of intercommunication with the public administration, and mass data management represented under the concept of “big data”.

If you are interested on the Marc Garriga presentation, just click here!