iCity Project presents its innovative proposal in Genova Smart Week

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From 16th to 20th of June 2014, Genova (Italy) hosted the Genova Smart Week, five days of meetings and conferences linked with the ‘smart city’ concept. During this event more than 15 European Projects were presented, as well as the Fedarene annual assembly (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment) and the forum of ITU (International Communication Union) on the subject "The city we want: smart and sustainable". iCity Project was also presented in several spaces and celebrated its 6th Consortium Meeting during the event. 

Smart Week offered the possibility to have a big discussion at a political and technical level about the Smart City challenges, for Mediterranean cities. Resuming, to create a Smart City in the South Europe is not the same as in a Nordic country: in South there are different level of energy consumption, different climate, different geographical characteristics and different city construction. A smart Europe is only possible if this difference is understood by all countries and agents and they can transform it in an opportunity. A smart city is a city where there is a better quality of life thanks to technology and it is founded on smart citizenship. Opening Information Systems are necessary to achieve these goals. iCity Project works through this path: to improve citizen’s lives.

TRANSFORMation Dialogue

iCity Project was presented also during the TRANSFORMation dialogue, the biggest meeting in the Smart Week, the 17th and 18th of June. Genova iCity Project coordinator, Stefania Manca, explained the process of digital innovation, enabling the growth of Genova into a Smart City from the ICT point of view. This is possible due to the increase of local investment on IOT (Internet of Things); the development of an Information System of broadband connectivity; a much more compliant coverage of hot spot Wi-Fi; the interoperability of services through middleware platform; the release of application for internal user both for PC and mobile device and local mobile apps development to citizens.

iCity Project Consortium Meeting

In this context, was held the 6th iCity Project Consortium meeting on June 19th and 20th, in the historical Berio Library. This consists in a technical meeting and a meeting with local stakeholders. During the meeting days, iCity partners have discussed about the project status and next steps to achieve the project goals: open up available Information Systems to create services of public interest. During the 2nd day of meeting it was organized a dissemination event with stakeholders from Genova (ASTER, Liguria In, Power S.aS., Open Genova, OpenStreetMap, T-Bridge) where Laia Sánchez (Citilab) and Marc Garriga (WP5 Leader) discussed about the iCity as a platform for Smart Cities, addressed to private and public stakeholders. The event was a successfully assimilated by the companies and as result, a debate around the business opportunities through iCity Platform was outlined.

Genova, evolving smart city

The city of Genova started the process forward to be a smart city in 2010 with the creation of Genova Smart City Association. The Association was co-funded by Municipality of Genova, University of Genova and Enel (a big energy supplier in Italy). The aim of the Association is to improve the quality of life with a sustainable economic development through a specific plan. The Association has 4 main lines: buildings, mobility, energy and port. In addition to these, it is necessary to enclose culture and social aspect and it provides an opportunity to enhance the citizens’ quality of life. Smart City Association has more than 90 members: big companies, SMEs, Academia and research, and civil society. The city was awarded for three big projects on the FP7 call ‘smart cities and communities’ in 2011. Furthermore on-going smart projects, regarding building efficiency, heating and cooling or urban sustainable mobility are transforming a little part of the city territory and the behaviour of the citizenship.

The event also stirred the interest of specialized international press. Journalist Vineeta Shetty from thesmartcitizen.org covered the event and interviewed Genova iCity Project Manager to write a report about the project.