iCity @ Smart City Exhibition – Bologna

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The Smart City Exhibition is a 3 days event - from 16 to 18 October 2013 – that took place at theFiera di Bologna”. The Exhibition proposes a new vision of Cities, characterised by information flows, physical and digital relationships, communication networks, ability to create social capital, wellness for people and better quality of life.
The City of Bologna had its own stand, called “Bologna Smart City”. Here is the 3-days programme of the events hosted by the stand:

Visit Smart City Exhibition Programme

The iCity project was presented on Thursday 17 during a larger event where “Iperbole 2020”, the project for a new Bologna Civic Network, was introduced.
Alessandra Risso from Genova, also attended the Exhibition: it was therefore an ideal occasion to perform a joined presentation of iCity by the two Italian Municipalities.

The attendance was of about 50 people (due to the small “event box” several people were standing outside), mainly belonging to the ICT companies and associations areas. Some of them already knew the project by having participate to the Bologna 1st Iteration Meeting (October 1). For others, that was the first occasion to begin to know iCity.