Information Systems Categories proposal

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Information Systems

iCity Project is looking to find synergies between cities through iCity Platform. The objective is to facilitate and share the development of applications in cities by categorizing the already opened information systems.
For instance, if Barcelona, Bologna and Genoa open the same category Information systems, any developer can create an application that could be used by any citizen in any of these cities.
As a result, the platform benefits cities, developers and citizens and a whole range of opportunities are opened for developers to create applications that can be used in different cities.

In order to meet this challenge, categories have been defined to classify the areas in which the iCity Project applications are going to be implemented.

On one hand, the criteria to define such a categorisation it is always based on the fact that the main target of iCity project is the citizen end-use. The goal is to improve the public services and to facilitate the development of these public services.

On the other hand, the categorisation takes into account the information systems currently opened by iCity, enabling the development of application that can run on top of the same information systems opened in different cities.

As a result, a first categorization of the already opened information systems has been envisaged and presented through the project dissemination channels as Sensor Data, Transport and Mobility, Environment, e-Government, Tourism and Culture, WIFI and Geographic Information Systems.