Informations Systems soon available: Hydrometers and Toponym Search

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Genova has provided two more Information Systems for the iCity Project. Hydrometers and Toponym Search are the last apportation of the city to the project, these have been already opened by Genova and they will be soon available in the iCity PlatformGenova has showed its commitment to the project opening 8 Information Systems, two more than what was obbliged to. 

The effort the cities participating in the iCityProject are making by opening their Information Systems has allowed the project to offer a wide range of information for developers. The iCityPlatform is the solition for anyone who intends to create standard apps able to run in any European country.

Those apps that are already available can be downloaded at the iCityAppStore where one can find also those that are still being developed.

Genova's IS available at the iCityPlatform:


  • Wifi Hotspot – wifi coverage from FREEWIFIGENOVA project
  • Traffic Webcam – video traffic monitoring
  • Tourism Webcam – touristic webcam coverage of the City
  • Weather Station – weather monitoring stations
  • Citizen’s Desk – City offices distribution with identification
  • Air Sensors - air quality sensors coverage Metropolitan Area