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From the beginning of this year on, iCity Project has been working to find new cities to be involved in the project. It has been a shift of focus in the strategy of the project mainly to cities and infrastructures. The aim is to bring a new concept of opening infrastructures not only addressed to European cities, but to the infrastructures owners that can create new business opportunities and services for public interest.


There are several advantages of being part of the project: a city can be a part of a European Smart City Project with an important network of cities involved. They can participate in an innovative European project to open up IT information systems. It gives new business opportunities for every city, thanks to an ecosystem of services. And finally, every city can work together with other cities around the world participating/ in public interest projects.

Levels of implication

Cities are involved in the project in three different levels from less involved to more. First level is being in city Special Interest Group (city SIG), a city that has signed the letter of commitment and follow up with the activity of the project  (Manchester, Berlin, Torino, Viladecans, Piacenza, Milano and Reggio Emilia). Second level is becoming member of the piloting group, that means the city is in with technical trials after a letter of commitment  or is already opening its informations systems through iCity (Cornellà de Llobregat and Lamía); and third level is being member of the consortium, they are part the iCity Project actively (Barcelona, Genova, London and Bologna)

Engagement Manchester

New cities in

The project has been looking for new cities that were keen to open up information systems. The goal is to provide a wider offer of opened information systems and allow the development of public services. The efforts have been successful through different actions of dissemination and engagement.  ICity Project was present at FIA Athens event, 18th-20th of March were contacts for further collaborations were established with Citadel on the move EU project and Manchester city.

EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Spring, 2nd-3rd of April , Barcelona, was also a strategic event for the project to engage new cities as this network is composed by around 50 European cities such as Amsterdam, Manchester, Bordeaux, Stockholm, Oulu, Helsinki etc.. On 2nd of April, Jordi Cirera, iCity Project Coordinator, was there presenting iCity.

The continuation of this positive connexion with Eurocities will be extended in Tallinn, the 12th of June, were a Smart Cities Platforms workshop will be organized to present the features of the platforms developed inside projects that are under the umbrella of European Projects portfolio. For iCity Project this meeting in Tallinn is a great opportunity to engage new cities.

With the help of Citilab, Cornellà de Llobregat has presented the interest to open a new information system through which can be consulted data related City Agenda.  This is the very first approach of the collaboration with the iCity Project as is foreseen to open up more IT information systems and the city of Cornella de Llobregat is looking forward to enlarge the list of opened information systems.

Results, progress and impact resulted from the adoption of the iCity Platform by cities is now the objective of the project, as opening a wider number of cities informations systems will ensure a better environment to create apps for transforming the cities in Intelligent, Efficient and Sustainable Smart Cities. For the moment, different cities are responding very well to engagement actions, so there are good expectations from now on in the iCity strategy of growth.