NEXT CITY - iCity hackathon contest 05 - 06 - 07 June 2015 City of Genoa - FOCUS ON WINNERS

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1st Prize - HYDROCUBE

An hydroponic modular system with its own app which allows with easy and intuitive access to horticultural cultivation for everybody. Through the app will also be possible to organize a market place to sell, exchange and reduce waste. 


2nd Prize - GOBAND

An app dedicated to the musicians needs in the cities. It allow to match demand and offer of musicians with clubs  where live music is played


3rd Prize - GOAIR - City of Genoa’s Special Prize

An app integrating all the available survey systems tracking the quality of the air. The data, collected and processed, will integrate those gathered by both new wearable sensors to fixed control units and will give to people real time data on air quality wherever they are. GoAir team will work for 4 month in the Talent Garden to finalize the product