Smart Week 2014 in Genova

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From the 16th to the 20th of June takes place the Smart Week 2014  event, organized by the Cities of Hamburg and Genova, in the Italian city of Genova. The  Salone del Maggior Consiglio  in the Palazzo Ducale di Genova, in Piazza Matteotti, hosts a 5 days event of high-level discussions concerning to the strategy of transformation towards a smart city. Cities, Institutions, research, business and civil society participates in a constructive debate leading to agreement on concrete and feasible proposals for improving quality of life in cities.

iCity Project presentations and talks

As part of this event, the iCity Project is presented in different activities and talks. For instance, during the conference “Smart City dreams come true (III): European Smart Projects” on 17th of June. When finished, Gloria Piaggio, from Genoa and member of the iCity Project Consortium, and Ulf Skirke (City of Hamburg) makes the speech Smart City Eight Key Points: Outcomes”. For its part, the 20th of June, Alessandra Risso, from City of Genova and member of the iCity Project Consortium as well, talks  about specific issues of the project during the Smart Week Strategic Conference: “its main goals and the integration with other EU projects developed by the City of Genoa” at Auditorium Galata Museum.  The 19th and the 20th of June there are two side event meetings more to present the iCity Project in Sala Lignea at Berio Library.

About the Smart Week 2014

The Smart week is an event focused on a week of initiatives related to the topic of smart cities, analysed from various points of view. This meeting aims to be the starting point of an integrated planning process and will be attended by institutions, members of the world of research, business and civil society for a constructive dialogue that could lead to proposals agreed, practical and achievable for a better quality of life in the cities.

The Transformation process towards a Smart City is being started and discussed throughout the world. Awareness on cities’ role in improving the future is growing and local, national and international Institutions realize a different approach in urban growth is needed. That’s the reason why the EU FP7 “Smart Cities and Communities 2011” call, the “TRANSFORM” project sees a consortium of cities – Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Genoa, Lyon and Vienna – working together with business and research partners to develop a Transformation Agenda to be used and shared with others.

The first step towards the smart city transformation goal is political assumption and commitment on this strategy, which needs to be introduced coherently in the City’s planning and actions.

In the context of TRANSFORM, the Cities of Hamburg and Genoa organize around the  main event, on June 17th and 18th 2014, a “TRANSFORMation dialogue”, a real dialogue between Italian and European cities that aims to inspire high level discussion about the strategic planning of a Smart City.

This meeting wants to be the starting point in the process of integrated planning and, at the end of the event, all participants are jointly formally open the Smart City TRANSFORM Forum which  gather proposals, suggestions, ideas to be included in the Final Transformation Agenda on June 2015.

iCity Work Package leaders attends this event as an interesting forum to keep in touch and updated to the latest information, global trends and topics about smart cities.

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