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Mobility4all, the best developed app of the iCity Contest

We already have a winner, Mobility4all was awarded with the first prize, of 3.000€, for being the best developed app in the second phase of our “iCity Contest”.

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Bologna's new iCity services to be presented in Spaghetti Open Data meeting

Spaghetti Open Data (SOD) is a group of Italian citizens interested in the release of public data in open format, so as to make it easy to access and reuse them (open data).

On 27-29 March, Bologna hosts the annual meeting of the SOD association.

This will be a perfect occasion to present to the local community of developers the new Bologna information systems that have recently been integrated in the iCity platform:

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Hands on @Snapi for iCity

During the the 2nd day of the iCity Camp, 15th of November, a dedicated workshop for the application Snapi! was organized. The purpose of Snapi for iCity is to offer a development environment where kids and citizens that are non professional programmers can become developers of their own application prototypes, accessing to real functionalities and data of their cities.

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What about iCity Camp scenarios: Citizenship, mobility/transport, environment? Usefull feedback received from stakeholder and developers.

During the first day of the iCity Camp were organized 3 workshops to discuss about the scenarios proposed for the developments of apps and about the already identified need of citizens to interact with the cities data.

Stakeholders and developers, attendands at the iCity Camp, shared ideas related with the targeted data delivered trough the iCity Platform. The workshops were designed as dynamic activities to drive the conversation in each scenario table discussion.

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Hands on at Global Urban Datafest

On 20th-22nd of February was celebrated the Smart City Hackathon Barcelona held at UPC Barcelona North.